SOLIDWORKS Inspection - Template Editor

The SOLIDWORKS Inspection - Template Editor dialog box lets you change which data maps from an inspection project to an inspection report.

Data can include project properties such as drawing name or revision, custom properties from a drawing or model, and properties of inspection characteristics such as inspection process, method, and upper and lower limits.

To open this dialog box, click Launch Template Editor (SOLIDWORKS Inspection toolbar).

Active Template Displays the path to the report template that you are editing. Click Change to select a different report template.
Vertical Based Template / Horizontal Based Template Displays tokens vertically or horizontally in report templates. Select the orientation before inserting tokens in a report.

For example, if you select Horizontal Based Template and set Characteristic Token to Balloon Number, each column displays a Balloon Number (1,2,3,...). If you select Vertical Based Template, Balloon Number displays in rows instead of columns.

Horizontal Based Template:

Vertical Based Template:

Custom Property From Model Maps a custom property from a model to the report template.
Custom Property From Drawing Maps a custom property from a drawing to the report template.
Characteristic Token Specifies the characteristic inspection tag.
Document Token Specifies the SOLIDWORKS Inspection variable.
Document Custom Property Name  
Close Template When Finished Closes the Microsoft® Excel® template when you click Finished.