Mesh Edit PropertyManager

The Mesh Edit PropertyManager lets you manipulate the mesh geometry as follows:

This functionality is useful for plastic parts that contain surfaces directly related to manufacturing operations. For example, to apply scaling for shrinkage in an injection mold operation.

Manipulation Method

Move/Copy Mesh
Scale/Offset Mesh

Meshes to Move/Copy or Scale/Offset

FM_Mesh.gif Select meshes or sub-meshes  
  Copy Copies the selected meshes. In Number of copies pattern_linear_count.png, set a value.


select_edges.png Select one direction to translate  
, , Repositions the mesh by the values you set.


select_edges.png Select one axis to rotate  
arc_cen_x.png, arc_cen_y.png, arc_cen_z.png Coordinate of centroid Repositions the mesh centroid to the values you set.
, , Rotation angle Rotates the meshes to the values you set.


Scale about Select Centroid, Origin, or Coordinate System.
Uniform Scaling When selected, the mesh scales uniformly in all directions by the value you set in Scale coefficient. When cleared, you set independent scale coefficients in the X, Y, and Z directions.


Set a value in Distance to offset. Select Reverse the offset direction PM_reverse_direction.gif if necessary.