Broken-out Section PropertyManager

To open the Broken-out Section PropertyManager:

Right-click the broken-out section in the FeatureManager design tree and select Edit Definition.


Depth Reference
Select geometry, such as an edge or an axis, in the same or a related view.
Depth is set to the center of the circle. Depth is set to the silhouette edge of the cylindrical face.
  Preview When selected, the broken-out section displays as you change the depth. If there are other views in the drawing, the break and depth planes appear on the views.

  Auto hatching For assemblies only. If selected, the software adjusts automatically for neighboring components to alternate crosshatch patterns in 90 degree increments. If there are still adjacent section faces with the same pattern, the pattern spacing is adjusted.

  Exclude fasteners For assemblies only. Excludes fasteners from being sectioned. Fasteners include any item inserted from SOLIDWORKS Toolbox (nuts, bolts, and washers) except for structural members. You can also designate any component as a fastener so it will not be sectioned.