Section Scope

In a drawing, you can specify which components and rib features are to remain uncut in a section view or broken-out section view of an assembly with the Section View dialog box. The Section Scope tab also appears in the Drawing View Properties dialog box for a section view or broken-out section view.

To access the Section Scope dialog box after the section view is created:

  1. Right-click the section view and click Properties.
  2. In the dialog box, select the Section Scope tab.

Excluded components/rib features

Click the components and rib features to leave uncut in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree.

To remove a component from the list, click the component again, or select it in the list and press Delete.

Don't cut all instances

Specify what to do if the selected component or rib feature is used more than once in the assembly. For example, if it is a member of a pattern, or if it is used as a component of more than one subassembly.

Select To exclude all the instances of the selected component in the assembly, select Don’t cut all instances. In the resulting view, all instances of the selected component remain uncut.
Clear To exclude only the selected instance, clear Don't cut all instances. In the resulting view, only the selected instance is uncut; all others are cut.

Auto hatching

Click Auto hatching to alternate the angle of cross hatching on adjacent cut faces. The hatch patterns alternate when sectioning an assembly.

A detail view created from an assembly section view or broken-out section view inherits the crosshatch patterns of its parent view.

Randomize scale Randomizes the hatch scale for the same material in the drawing view. Clear this setting to keep the scale identical for all hatches of multiple parts of the same material.

Exclude fasteners

Excludes fasteners from being sectioned. Fasteners include any item inserted from SOLIDWORKS Toolbox (nuts, bolts, and washers) except for structural members. You can also designate any component as a fastener so it is not sectioned. To preview the fasteners, select Show excluded fasteners.

To designate any component as a fastener, open the component and click File > Properties. In the dialog box on the Custom tab, select IsFastener in Property Name, and enter 1 for Value / Text Expression.

Flip direction

Changes the direction of the section view.