Library Features PropertyManager

When you drag a library feature from the Design Library, the PropertyManager appears to display the name of the library feature.

Allowance of Library Feature Errors

When you insert a library feature into a model and get error messages, you can keep the results to view and manually repair the errors.

In the warning message, click Yes to keep the results. In the FeatureManager® design tree, you can manually repair the library feature or click Undo to remove it. If you click No in the warning message, in the Library Feature PropertyManager, you can modify the selections or click to restore the FeatureManager design tree without the library feature.

Placement Plane

Determines if the library feature is on a face or a plane.
If you drag a library feature to a reference plane, the drop point defaults to the center of the selected reference plane.


Lists the configurations of the library feature. If no configurations were created, Default is highlighted.

Link to library part Maintains a link between the library feature you insert, and the parent library feature part. If the parent library feature is updated, the library feature you inserted updates.
You cannot edit the inserted library feature. You must clear Link to library part, and then edit the library feature.


Displays when the library feature includes reference dimensions. If no reference dimensions exist, Location is displayed.

References Lists the references required to insert and locate the library feature. References in the PropertyManager operates in conjunction with a preview window in the graphics area. You select the edges on the model corresponding to the edges displayed in the preview window to create the references.
Library features with face references such as fillets do not need reference dimensions.
Locating Dimensions The Locating Dimensions allow you to specify values to position the library feature. Select an item under Value to edit the dimension and to change the location of the library feature on the model.


If you do not have references, click Edit Sketch. This enables you to position the library feature by editing the sketch.

Size Dimensions

Override dimension values Select to override the existing dimension values of the library feature. Override dimension values is available with References and Location. Select an item under Value to edit the dimension.