The freeform feature modifies faces of surface or solid bodies. You can modify only one face at a time and the face can have any number of sides. Designers have direct, interactive control of deformations by creating control curves and control points, then pushing and pulling the control points to modify the face. Use the triad to constrain the push or pull direction.

You can create a four-sided face by projecting a sketch using split lines onto any face. The more rectangular a face is, the more symmetrical the results are. This functionality is particularly useful when you use freeform to smooth out wrinkles in surfaces.

Freeform gives you more direct control compared to deform features. Freeform meets the needs of consumer product designers who create curvilinear designs.

Freeform features do not affect model topology because they do not create additional faces.
Fishing rod handle - no grip Grip created using the freeform feature