Replace PropertyManager

You can replace components in an assembly.

  • You can replace a part with a subassembly or vice versa.
  • You can replace one, more than one, or all instances of a component at the same time.
  • You can replace a component with another component that has the same name and type but comes from a different folder.

To replace one or more components:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click Replace Components (Assembly toolbar).
    • Click File > Replace.
    • Right-click a component and click Replace Components.
  2. Specify the options as described below, then click .

    The selected component instances are replaced.

    If you chose Manually select, choose the configuration to open in the Configurations dialog box.

    If you select Re-attach mates, the Mated Entities PropertyManager appears. A view of the original component with the missing mate entity highlighted shows, and the Missing Entities pop-up toolbar appears.


Replace these component(s) Lists the components to replace.
  Instances to replace

Only selected

Replaces only the selected instance.

All in same parent assembly

Replaces all instances of the selected component that are in the same assembly level.

If a selected component is in the top-level assembly, only instances in the top level are replaced. If a selected component is in a subassembly, only instances in the subassembly are replaced.


All instances of the component are replaced in the assembly and all subassemblies.

With this one Lists the components to use as the replacement component. Select a component from the list or click Browse to locate the component.

Thumbnail Preview

Displays previews of the selected component from With this one.


Configuration Select one of the following:

Match name

Matches the configuration name of the old component with a configuration in the replacement component.

Manually select

Enables you to select the matching configuration in the replacement component.

Re-attach mates Reattaches existing mates to the replacement component.
If the old component has a mate that includes a named entity, and the replacement component has a corresponding entity with the same name, SOLIDWORKS uses the corresponding entity when reattaching the mate. You assign names to entities in the Entity Property dialog box. To access face and edge names in a lightweight component, either resolve the component or save the assembly.