Section View PropertyManager

Use the section view sketch mode in conjunction with the section tool user interface to create both section views and aligned section views.

To insert a section or half section view:

  • In a drawing, click Section View tool_Section_View_Drawing.gif (Drawing toolbar) or Insert > Drawing View > Section.


Cutting Line

Cutting-line-Vertical.png Vertical
Cutting-line-Horizontal.png Horizontal section-view-horizontal-final.png
Cutting-line-auxiliary.png Auxiliary
Cutting-line-aligned.png Aligned
Auto-start section view

Select to immediately preview and place the section view in the drawing. Clear to display the Section View pop-up sectionxpert-popup.png, which lets you add offsets to the section view.

Use the Section View pop-up to add offsets to the section view.

Selection Function Additional Steps
sectionxpert-arc-offset.png Add Arc Offset Select first point of arc on cutting line, then select second point of arc.
sectionxpert-single-offset.png Add Single Offset Select first point of offset on cutting line, then select second point of offset.
sectionxpert-notch-offset.png Add Notch Offset Select first point of notch on cutting line, select second point on cutting line for width of notch, then select third point for depth of notch.
Step Back  
OK (Add the view)  
Cancel (Cancel the view)  
Edit sketch

Select to create a custom cutting line.

Half Section

Half Section

sectionxpert-halfsection-topside-right.png Topside Right half-topside-right.gif
sectionxpert-halfsection-topside-left.png Topside Left half-topside-left.gif
sectionxpert-halfsection-bottomside-right.png Bottomside Right half-bottomside-right.gif
sectionxpert-halfsection-bottomside-left.png Bottomside Left half-bottomside-left.gif
sectionxpert-halfsection-leftside-down.png Leftside Down half-leftside-down.gif
sectionxpert-halfsection-rightside-down.png Rightside Down half-rightside-down.gif
sectionxpert-halfsection-leftside-up.png Leftside Up half-leftside-up.gif
sectionxpert-halfsection-rightside-up.png Rightside Up half-rightside-up.gif