Vent PropertyManager

Use the Vent PropertyManager to control options for vent fastening features. You must create a sketch of the vent that you want to create, then set the vent options in the PropertyManager.

To open this PropertyManager:

Click Vent (Fastening Features toolbar) or Insert > Fastening Feature > Vent.


Select sketch segments for boundary Select sketch segments to form a closed profile as the outer vent boundary. If you pre-select a sketch, its outer entities are used as the boundary. You can create a vent of any shape.

Geometry Properties

Select a face Select a planar or non-planar face for the vent. The entire vent sketch must fit on the selected face.
Draft Angle Click Draft On/Off to apply draft to the boundary, fill-in boundary, plus all ribs and spars. For vents on planar faces, draft is applied from the sketch plane.
Draft inward
Neutral Plane (For non-planar faces only) Select a starting plane (remains fixed) from which the draft is applied. This can be the same plane as the sketch plane.
Fillet Radius Sets the fillet radius, which is applied to all intersections between the boundary, ribs, spars, and the fill-in boundary.

No fillets


  Show preview  

Flow Area

Area (in square units) Total available area inside boundary. This value remains fixed.
Open area (as percentage of total area) Open area inside boundary for air flow. This value updates as you add vent entities. Draft, fillets, ribs, spars, and the fill-in boundary reduce open area.


  Select sketch segments for ribs
Depth of ribs
Width of ribs
  Offset from surface Offsets all ribs from the surface. Click Reverse Direction if necessary.


You must create at least one rib before you can create spars.
  Select sketch segments for spars
Depth of spars
Width of spars
  Offset from surface Offsets all spars from the surface. Click Reverse Direction if necessary.

Fill-In Boundary

Select sketch segments for fill-in boundary Select sketch entities that form a closed profile. At least one rib must intersect the fill-in boundary.
Depth of fill-in boundary
Offset from surface Offsets the fill-in boundary from the surface. Click Reverse Direction if necessary.


Manage a list of favorites that you can reuse in models.

Apply Defaults/No Favorites Resets to No Favorite Selected and the default settings.
Add or Update Favorite To update a favorite, edit the properties in the PropertyManager, select the name in Favorites, click , and enter a new or existing name.
Delete Favorite  
Save Favorite  
Load Favorite Click this option, browse to a folder, and select a favorite.