Parent/Child Relationships Dialog Box

You can display the parents and children of a selected feature, sketch, axis, plane, curve, or surface.

To open the Parent/Child Relationships dialog box:

In the model or in the FeatureManager design tree, right-click an entity and select Parent/Child.

Parents Lists the parent features of the selected entity. A parent feature is an existing feature upon which others depend. For example, an extrude is the parent feature to a fillet that rounds its edges.
Children Lists the child features of the selected entity. A child feature is built upon another feature. Its existence depends upon the previously built feature. For example, a hole is the child of the solid in which it is cut.
In the dialog box you can:
  • Right-click items to access the shortcut menu.
  • Double-click an item in the Parents or Children list to display the parent/child relationships of that item
  • Hover over items to dynamically highlight them in the graphics area and the FeatureManager design tree.