Mirror Feature

You can use Mirror to create a copy of one or more features, mirrored about a face or a plane. You can mirror features about a secondary face or plane at the same time.

In parts, you can mirror faces, features, and bodies. In assemblies, you can mirror assembly features.

If you modify the original feature (seed feature), the mirrored copy is updated to reflect the changes.

Mirroring Bodies in a Part

You can mirror a body in a single body part or multibody part.
Example of Multibody Part with Mirror

Select the body to mirror Body mirrored

Mirroring Features in Multibody Parts

In multibody parts, you can mirror features from one body onto one or more other bodies by selecting Geometry Pattern and using Feature Scope to choose which bodies should include the feature.
You must create the body to which you want to add the features prior to mirroring those features.
Example of Feature Scope Mirror Pattern

Plane used to mirror a pattern feature Pattern feature mirrored on body

Mirroring Sheet Metal Features

You can mirror these individual sheet metal features:
  • Base-flange/tabs
  • Closed corners
  • Edge flanges
  • Hems
  • Mitered flanges