Recommendations for Lofts with Guide Curves

Consider the following when creating lofts with guide curves.

  • Guide curves must intersect all the profiles.
  • There is no limit to the number of guide curves you may use.
  • Guide curves can intersect at points.
  • You can use any of the following items as a guide curve: sketched curves, model edges, or curves of any kind.
  • If the software reports a guide curve as invalid when you select it:
    • Right-click in the graphics area, choose SelectionManager, then select the guide curve.
    • Put each guide curve in its own individual sketch.
  • If a loft fails or twists:
    • Use loft synchronization to modify the synchronization between loft profiles. You adjust the synchronization by changing the alignment between the profiles. To adjust the alignment, you manipulate the handles which appear in the graphics area as part of the connector. The connector is the poly line connecting corresponding points in both directions.
    • Add a Curve Through Reference Points as a guide curve, selecting corresponding vertices of the profiles to create the curve.
  • Guide curves can be longer than the resulting loft. The loft stops at the end of the smallest guide curve.
  • You can further control the behavior of the loft by creating the same number of segments on all the guide curves. The endpoints of each segment mark corresponding points for transition of the profiles.