Revolves add or remove material by revolving one or more profiles around a centerline. You can create revolved boss/bases, revolved cuts, or revolved surfaces. The revolve feature can be a solid, a thin feature, or a surface.

To create a revolve feature, use the following guidelines:
  • The sketch for a solid revolved feature can contain multiple intersecting profiles. With the Selected Contours pointer (available when you click Selected Contours in the PropertyManager), you can select one or more intersecting or non-intersecting sketches to create the revolve.
    Select top region (contour)
    Select bottom and mid regions (contours)
    Select mid region (contour)
    Select all regions (contours)
  • The sketch for a thin or surface revolved feature can contain multiple open or closed intersecting profiles.
  • The profile sketch must be a 2D sketch; 3D sketches are not supported for profiles. The Axis of Revolution can be a 3D sketch.
  • Profiles cannot cross the centerline. If the sketch contains more than one centerline, select the centerline you want to use as the axis of revolution. For revolved surfaces and revolved thin features only, the sketch cannot lie on the centerline.
  • You can create multiple radial or diametric dimensions without selecting the centerline each time.
  • When you dimension a revolve feature inside the centerline, you produce a radius dimension for the revolve feature. When you dimension across the centerline, you produce a diameter dimension for the revolve feature.
    You must rebuild the model to display the radius or diameter dimension symbol.