Removed Section Views

Removed section views show slices of the model at selected locations along a drawing view.

Creating Removed Section Views

You use the Removed Section tool to create views of slices along a drawing view.

To add view labels automatically as you create new Removed Section views, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Views > Section , and select Include view label on new removed sections.

To create a removed section view:

  1. In a drawing, select a view.
  2. Click Removed Section (View Layout CommandManager tab or Drawing toolbar).
  3. In the PropertyManager, for Edge and Opposed Edge, select two edges from the same drawing view.
    The edges must be opposed or partially opposed geometry between which a solid body can be cut.
  4. Select a cutting line placement method:
    Option Description
    Automatic Shows a preview of the cutting line within the area between the opposing model edges. Move the pointer and click to place the cutting line.
    Manual Positions the cutting line between two points that you select on each of the opposing model edges.

    Hover near one end of the cutting line and click to place it. Repeat for the other end of the line.

  5. Move the pointer and click to place the view.
  6. In the PropertyManager, specify other options.
  7. Click .