Troubleshooting Section Views

If a section view is displayed with portions of the model uncut, and with the model in the dangling (brown) color, check for the following conditions:
  • The section line may not extend completely across the model. Either extend the section line as needed, or use the Partial section option in Section View in the Section View PropertyManager.
  • The cut may result in zero-thickness geometry that cannot be displayed correctly in the view. Modify the position of the section line to correct this problem.
  • There may be a problem with the model geometry. Use Tools > Evaluate > Check to identify the invalid geometry.

The corners in the cutting line may create edges in the section view. To remove edges, in the Section View PropertyManager, click More Properties and select Hide cutting line shoulders.


Sometimes you may need to create a section view using sketch geometry overlaid on a view. You can create rotated section views if the Section View tool is not appropriate.