Stud Wizard PropertyManager

The Stud Wizard PropertyManager appears when you create or edit a stud feature.

To open this PropertyManager:

In a part, click Stud Wizard (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Stud Wizard .

Type of Stud

Creates Stud on a Cylindrical Body Select an edge of a cylindrical face to create the stud.
Creates Stud on a Surface On the Stud tab, specify the stud parameters. On the Position tab, select the face to position the stud.

Stud Tab Position Tabs

Available when you click Creates Stud on a Surface in Type of Stud.
Stud tab Specifies values for the shaft and thread.
Position tab Positions the stud on the face. You can position only one stud per feature.


Available only for Creates Stud on a Cylindrical Body .
Edge Select an external circular edge on a cylindrical body to create the stud.

Shaft Details

Available only for Creates Stud on a Surface , on the Stud tab.
Shaft Length Specifies the length of the shaft.
Shaft Diameter Specifies the diameter of the shaft.


Specify the dimensioning standard, type of thread, and thread size. The major diameter updates based on the settings.

  Standard Specifies the dimensioning standard, such as ANSI Metric or ISO.
  Type Specifies the thread type, such as Machine Threads.
  Size Specifies the thread size.
Major Diameter Specifies the major diameter of the thread. The Type and Size control this value.


  End Condition Extends the thread from the starting edge to the specified end condition.
Thread Depth Available if you select Blind for End Condition. Specifies the thread length along the stud from the starting edge.
  Thread Class Specifies a thread class fit that measures the looseness or tightness of external mating threads. You can retrieve and use this information for hole callouts in drawings.


Loose commercial fit for easy assembly and disassembly


Medium fit


Tight fit for a close fit between mating parts


Creates an undercut at the end of the threaded portion of the stud to provide clearance. The default values are based on the selections under Standard, but you can override and customize these values.

Undercut diameter 1
Undercut depth 2
Undercut radius 3
Restore Default Values Overrides the values in the fields and reverts to the default values. The background color of the fields is white for the default value and yellow for the override value.