Style Spline PropertyManager

The Style Spline PropertyManager controls the following properties of a sketched style spline.

To display this PropertyManager:

  • Open a sketch with an existing style spline and click the style spline.

Existing Relations

Relations Displays relations inferenced automatically during sketching or created manually with Add Relations.
Information Displays the status of the selected sketch entity (Fully Defined, Under Defined, and so on).

Add Relations

If you select an existing spline segment, you can add relations to the selected entity.

Fix You can add relations to the selected entity. The list includes only relations that are possible for the selected entity.


For construction Converts entities to construction geometry.
Show curvature Adjusts the style spline curvature.
Local edit Adjusts the shape of the control polygon segment without affecting any of the adjacent sides.
Curve Type

Bezier Curve

Creates a Bezier spline.

B-Spline: Degree 3

Creates a B-Spline with curvature of 3 degrees.

B-Spline: Degree 5

Creates a B-Spline with curvature of 5 degrees.

B-Spline: Degree 7

Creates a B-Spline with curvature of 7 degrees.

Curve degree Adjusts the degree of the curve.
If the curve is constrained, this option is unavailable (grayed out). You can manually control the curve degree by manually inserting or deleting control vertices.
Control vertices Displays the number of control vertices available for B-Spline: Degree 3, B-Spline: Degree 5, and B-Spline: Degree 7.
These values are not editable. The option is visible only when optionsB-Spline: Degree 3, B-Spline: Degree 5, and B-Spline: Degree 7 are selected for Curve Type.


You can specify the following parameters to define the style spline if it is not constrained by relations.

Non-rational Spline Creates nonrational splines on which you cannot control the vertices.
Rational Spline Creates rational splines that you can control using the Control Vertex Weight option.
Start X Coordinate
Start Y Coordinate
End X Coordinate
End Y Coordinate
Control Vertex Weight (Rational splines only.) Shapes the spline by increasing or decreasing the weight of the control vertex.
Control Vertex Weight = 1
Control Vertex Weight = 5