Assembly Cutaway Views

You can create assembly cutaway views to expose the inner details of pictorial (such as isometric, trimetric, and dimetric) drawing views.

You create assembly cutaway views using a series of procedures in the assembly and drawing document. The actual view is a model view, usually an isometric view.

To create assembly cutaway views:

  1. In the assembly:
    1. Create a new configuration.
      The assembly cutaway view requires that cuts be created in the part or assembly used in the view. Usually you create configurations for the cuts used only by the view.
    2. Create an assembly feature by sketching on the assembly face and using Insert > Assembly Feature > Cut > Extrude .
    3. In the Cut-Extrude PropertyManager, under Feature Scope, select components to be cut by the assembly feature.
  2. In the drawing:
    1. Insert a named view of the assembly. For details, see Adding Named Views.
    2. Right-click the drawing view and click Properties.
    3. In the Drawing View Properties dialog box, under Configuration information, select Use named configuration and select the configuration to display.
    4. Add cross hatching to the cut faces using Area Hatch/Fill .