Editing Features

In a parts document, you can perform several types of feature editing operations.

  • Edit the definition, the sketch, or the properties of a feature.
  • View the parent and child relationships of a feature.
  • Use Instant3D to move and resize features.
  • Control the access to selected dimensions.
  • Change the order in which features are reconstructed when the part is rebuilt (Use Drag and Drop Features).
  • Roll back the part to the state it was in before a selected feature was added.

To perform some of these operations, you use the icons in the FeatureManager design tree, where the features are listed in the order in which they are created. You can edit the definition of a feature to change its parameters. For example, you can edit the depth of an extruded feature, or the selected edges for a fillet.

To edit the definition of a feature:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Select a feature in the FeatureManager design tree or the graphics area. Click Edit > Definition.
    • Right-click a feature in the FeatureManager design tree or the graphics area and select Edit Feature from the context toolbar.
    You can also right-click a sketch and select Edit Sketch menu_edit_sketch.gif from the context toolbar.
    Depending on the selected feature type, the appropriate PropertyManager appears.
  2. Edit the definition in the dialog box by specifying new values or options.
  3. Click OK to accept the changes.