Shell Feature Diagnostics

The shell feature displays error messages and includes tools to help you identify why the shell feature failed. The diagnostic tool Error Diagnostics is available in the Shell PropertyManager.

To run error diagnostics:

  1. Under Error Diagnostics, do one of the following:
    • Select Entire body to diagnose all areas of the model and report the minimum radius of curvature from the entire body.
    • Select Failing faces to diagnose the whole body and identify the minimum radius of curvature for only the faces that failed to shell.
  2. Click Check body/faces to run the diagnostic tool.
    The results display in the graphics area, using a callout to pinpoint the specific area on the model that needs correction.

For example, the shell feature can fail because the Thickness at a point is too large relative to one of the selected faces. A message that displays the minimum radius of curvature indicates that the shelling thickness is too large at that point.

You can also select Display mesh or Display curvature.
  • Display mesh shows a uv mesh. This mesh operates in the same manner as the Preview mesh option in Filled Surface.
  • Display curvature shows a curvature plot for the bodies.

Because problems related to surface gaps and curvature often relate to surface inconsistencies, you can click Go to offset surface. This opens the Offset Surface PropertyManager where the offset surfaces in the model are displayed.