Using Copy As and Modify in Costing Templates

You can use the Copy As and Modify tools for some Operations tabs in sheet metal and machining templates, for copying and reusing multiple rows of information.

To access Copy As and Modify in Costing templates:

  1. In a sheet metal or machining part, click Costing (Tools toolbar or Tools > SOLIDWORKS Applications > Costing).
  2. In the Costing Task Pane, under Costing Template, click Launch Template Editor.
  3. In the Costing Template Editor, under Operations:
    • For sheet metal parts, click Cut or Bend.
    • For machined parts, click Cut, Mill, Drill, or Turn.
  4. Select rows, right-click the selected rows and click Copy As or Modify.
    You can manage options from the cell menus in the Operations tabs.