Draft tapers faces using a specified angle to selected faces in the model.

One application is to make a molded part easier to remove from the mold. You can insert a draft in an existing part or draft while extruding a feature. You can apply draft to solid or surface models.

You can also apply a draft angle as a part of an extruded base, boss, or cut.

You can specify the following types of draft:

  • Neutral plane. You can create neutral plane drafts manually or by using the DraftXpert.
  • Parting line. You can create parting line drafts in one or both directions across the parting lines.
  • Step draft

To draft a model face:

  1. Click Draft (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Draft.
  2. Set the options in the PropertyManager.
    Click Detailed Preview to preview the draft.
  3. Click OK PM_OK.gif.