Intersecting Bodies to Modify Part Geometry

You can intersect and merge surfaces, planes, or solid bodies in a part with the Intersect tool. For example, you can add details to a body by merging it with a coincident open surface. You can also split a body by intersecting it with a plane.

Intersect theme image 01.pngIntersect theme image 02.png

To intersect or merge bodies:

  1. With the part open, click Insert > Features > Intersect .
  2. For Solids, Surfaces, or Planes, select the bodies to intersect or merge.
  3. Select Cap planar openings on surfaces to cap flat openings in surfaces.
  4. Click Intersect.
    The regions you can exclude from the final result are highlighted in the graphics area are listed in Regions to Exclude under Region List.
  5. Select regions to exclude.
    You can select regions to exclude from the final result from the PropertyManager, or from the graphics area.
  6. Select options as required:
    Option Description
    Merge result After clicking PM_OK.gif, forms the union of the included regions. Touching regions are formed into one body, when possible. When cleared, creates a separate body for each included region.
    Consume surfaces After clicking PM_OK.gif, removes surfaces from the FeatureManager design tree for the part.
  7. Click PM_OK.gif.
    Intersect theme image 03.png