Moving Machining Setup Costs to Different Setup Operations

When the direction of a machining operation is different from other operations (such as drilling a hole on a different face), the Costing tool cost calculation is based on the requirement that the part to be repositioned, which incurs a separate setup operation. However, if you manufacture the part in a multi-axis machine and the machine rotates the part to run the operation, a new setup is not necessary. Therefore, you can move the separate setup cost into a previous setup operation.

  1. In the CostingManager, expand the Setup FM_folder.gif folder.
  2. Under Operation Setup FM_folder.gif or Custom Setup FM_folder.gif, right-click a setup cost Costing_Setup_Cost.gif and click Move To.
  3. Click a setup operation.
    The setup cost moves to the operation you select.
    Alternatively, you can drag and drop individual setup costs Costing_Setup_Cost.gif to different setup operations setup_operation_folder.gif in the Operation Setup FM_folder.gif or Custom Setup FM_folder.gif folder.