Setting a Fixed Length

You can set a dimension to fix the length of a spline. You can reference this dimension in custom properties, configurations, equations, and tables, including design tables and BOMs.

To set a fixed length:

  1. Select the spline to dimension.


  2. Click Smart Dimension (Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools > Dimensions > Smart Dimensions.
  3. Click anywhere on the spline to place the dimension and click PM_OK.gif to close the Dimension PropertyManager.

    A radial style dimension appears and is attached to the spline.

    Sketch Fixed Length 2

  4. Drag an endpoint of the spline.
    The length remains the same when you drag endpoints or change the shape of the spline.
  5. To change the spline's length, double-click the dimension and enter a new value in the Modify dialog box.