File Menu

The File menu provides the following options.

For information about the File menu in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Connected, see File Menu (SOLIDWORKS Visualize Connected).

New Creates a new SOLIDWORKS Visualize project.

New projects are empty except for the default HDR environment image to provide lighting and reflections, and a backplate image for the background.

Open Loads existing projects, CAD files, or images from your hard disk drive or network.
Recent Projects Opens a project from a list of recently opened projects.
Save Saves your current SOLIDWORKS Visualize project in native .svpj format, overwriting the same location and file name as the original.
Save As Saves the current project file in .svpj format, using the file name and location that you specify.
Import Adds files such as SOLIDWORKS Visualize projects or external CAD data to the open project.
Re-import all Models and Parts Checks previously imported CAD files for changes and, if changes are found, reimports the files to update the geometry.

Export Project

Exports the project to any of the following formats:

  • GL Transmission Format (*.gltf)
  • Binary GL Transmission Format (*.glb)
  • Compressed GL Transmission Format (*.draco.gltf)
  • Compressed Binary GL Transmission Format (*.draco.glb)
  • OBJ Scene (*.obj)
  • Autodesk FBX Scene (*.fbx)

Export Selected Models and Parts

Exports the selected components.

Export to NVIDIA Holodeck

(Available in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.) Exports the project, including the geometry, lighting, and materials, to file type Mental Images Scene Description file (*.mi). Then you can import the .mi file into NVIDIA Holodeck. NVIDIA® Holodeck is a collaborative virtual reality platform with photo-quality graphics.

Close Closes the project.
Exit Closes SOLIDWORKS Visualize.