Data Extraction (2023 SP1)

You can use the Data Extraction wizard to specify a set of entities or blocks and extract properties and attributes information.

You can:
  • Create a bill of materials from the set of entities.
  • Display the result in a table on the drawing.
  • Save the result in an external file that you can exchange with others.

Use the ExtractData command to open the Data Extraction wizard.

Options in the Data Extraction wizard let you:
  • Specify the set of drawings or folders.
  • Filter entities.
  • Organize the extracted data.
  • Specify an output format.
  • Format the output data in a table.

DraftSight saves the data source selections, entities and property selection, and table formatting in a Data Extraction File (.det). You can use the already created Data Extraction File as a template to perform the same type of extraction for another drawing.