Changes to System Options and Document Properties

The following options have been added, changed, or removed in the software.

System Options

Option Description Access
Drawings, Modified Cells (BOM) Changes the default color of overridden cells. Colors
Sketch, Exploded Specifies a color for an explode line. Colors
Automatically optimize resolved mode, hide lightweight mode Loads component data as resolved when you open an assembly. Performance
Manually manage resolved and lightweight modes Controls when a component loads in lightweight or resolved mode. Performance
Load component lightweight Renamed from Automatically load components lightweight. Performance
Export assembly components as separate STEP files (recommended for large assemblies) Exports assemblies as atomic STEP files. Export
Export appearances Exports file's appearances with reduced performance. Clear the option to skip exporting appearances but make the performance faster. Export

Document Properties

Option Description Access
Allow tolerance symbols for all drafting standards Includes all geometric tolerance symbols regardless of the drafting standard. Clear the option to limit symbols to the document's drafting standard. Annotations > Geometric Tolerances
Connect dimension extension lines to model Completes connection of dimension extension lines to model. DimXpert > Display Options
See through transparent components in HLR/HLV (Available for High quality drawing views only). Shows edges behind transparent components with solid lines. Drawings > Detailing
Default Bill of Materials part number for new configurations Specifies a value for the default BOM part number. Options are Document Name or Configuration Name. Configurations