SOLIDWORKS® 2023 improves the performance of specific tools and workflows.

Some of the highlights for performance and workflow improvements are:

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals

You can use the Level of detail system option to improve the performance when manipulating views.

To access this option, click Tools > Options > System Options > Performance.

Performance is improved for Zoom In/Out, Pan, and Rotate in draft quality HLR/HLV and wireframe modes of models.

Section Views of Models

Starting and exiting the Section View command is about five times faster than before. While you are in the Section View command, adding or removing section planes is instantaneous.


  • Improved performance when searching with Include sub-folders selected.

  • For assemblies that contain parts with multiple imported bodies and body level appearances, performance is improved when:
    • Opening a file
    • Changing a configuration
    • Applying, modifying, or removing an appearance
    • Rolling back or rolling forward assembly items
  • The save efficiency of assemblies is improved to avoid saving unchanged model data. This performance improvement is most noticeable in very large assemblies.


Performance of importing third-party CAD files is improved using 3D Interconnect.


  • SOLIDWORKS PDM 2023 makes significant performance improvements in the presence of high latency to SOLIDWORKS PDM servers.

    The improvements might vary depending on the amount of latency, size of data sets, and operations.
    • The following operations perform better when latency to the database server is high:
      • Check-in
      • Check-in with automatic transition
      • Undo Check-out
      • Interactive operations such as menus, shortcut menus, reference dialog boxes, and SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer tabs
    • The following operations perform better when latency to the archive server is high:
      • Add files
      • Change state on file modifications
      • Get files
      • Get latest version of files
  • With performance improvements in the File Version Upgrade tool, you can upgrade SOLIDWORKS files in a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault faster.

    If you are upgrading assembly files and you select Overwrite and Latest Version in the Version Settings page, the software skips upgrading and uploading references that are not the latest in the assembly's as-built version. This improves the performance of the upgrade process.

  • In SOLIDWORKS PDM 2023 SP04, the mechanism for loading of SOLIDWORKS PDM and custom add-ins is reworked. As a result, operations such as logging in to a vault and starting the SOLIDWORKS PDM Search tool perform significantly better.

Structure System and Weldments

Performance is improved when you create or edit a corner management feature. A corner gets trimmed when you select it under Corners in the Corner Management PropertyManager or in the graphics area.

Previously, the corners were trimmed as soon as you created or edited the corner management feature.

Performance is improved when you insert a structural member or change its profile to the part that includes weld beads.

Configuration Publisher (2023 SP3)

Performance of the Configuration Publisher dialog box is improved when you add lists and check boxes from the palette into the Edit panel.