Summary and Report

You can access the Summary and Report features from the PlasticsManager independently. In addition, there are several enhancements for the Summary and Report.

  • To access the Summary:

    In the PlasticsManager, right-click Results and click Summary.

  • To access the Report:

    In the PlasticsManager, right-click Results and click Report.

Enhancements to the Summary feature include:
  • Quick access to key results.
  • Improved content organization into three sections for the Model tab:

    Study Characteristics

    Lists the following features: study name, injection process, number of injection units, analysis mesh procedure, and the simulation sequence.

    Injection Unit Settings

    Lists the following features for each injection unit: polymer material and the material's melt, mold, transition, and ejection temperatures.

    Physical Attributes

    Lists the model volume, mass, and overall dimensions.

  • Addition of the plastic part's mass at the end of packing in the Pack tab.

Enhancements to the Report feature include:
  • Updated Microsoft Word report templates. The Classic and Light report templates of previous versions are replaced with a single template that has a more modern look and feel.
  • Additional formats are available for saving a report. In addition to Microsoft Word, you can save a report as a Microsoft PowerPoint or HTML document. The default option All (HTML, MS Word, MS PowerPoint) saves a report to all three formats.