Gauge Values in Cut List Properties

If you use gauge tables to define the thickness of sheet metal parts, the gauge number appears in the Cut-List Properties dialog box. In the associated drawing, the gauge value is available for annotations and cut lists.

In the Cut-List Properties dialog box, the Evaluated Value for Sheet Metal Gauge is Gauge Number GA. For example, if you use a 3 Gauge in a sheet metal part, the Evaluated Value is 3 GA.

In drawings, you can link an annotation to the Sheet Metal Gauge property and you include the property in a cut list.

To link annotations to gauge values:
  1. In a drawing of a sheet metal part, click an annotation, such as Note .
  2. In the PropertyManager, click Link to Property .
  3. In the Link to property dialog box, in Property name, select Sheet Metal Gauge.
To include gauge value properties in cut lists:
  1. Right-click a flat pattern view and select Annotations > Cut List Properties.
  2. Click in the sheet to place the cut list properties.