Corner Treatment to Similar Corners in Structure System

You can use Group Similar Corners to group similar corners, apply a corner treatment to the group, and edit the groups as required.

This is helpful for large structure system files that have multiple corners.
  1. Open the structure system file.
  2. In the FeatureManager® design tree, click Corner Management and select Edit Feature.
  3. In the Corner Management PropertyManager, under Corners, select a corner.
  4. Click Group Similar Corners.
    The similar corners are grouped together, appear as Corner Group xx under Corners in the PropertyManager, and highlighted with arrows in the graphics area.
  5. Apply corner treatment to the group.

The FeatureManager design tree groups the similar corners as Corner Group XX. In the Corner Management PropertyManager, you can edit a group of similar corners and remove a corner from the group. You can add this corner back to the group of similar corners, if required.

  • Right-click a corner of the group and select one of the following:
    Remove from Corner group Removes the selected corner from the group of similar corners
    Right-click the removed corner and select Include back to Corner group.
    Zoom to Selection Zooms in the selected corner
    Clear Selections Degroups the corners
    To degroup the corners, you can also right-click the group and select Dissolve Corner group.
    Customize Menu Lets you select the context menu

    You can use similar corner treatment for simple, two member, and complex corners.