You can create multiple layouts in CAD or eDrawings drawing documents using the Layouts tool. With layouts, you can look at related views together, regardless of their original locations on drawing sheets.

The Overview tool displays the entire drawing sheet in a pop-up window and is used to:
  • Create layouts.
  • Add views to layouts.
  • Display a drawing view from the Overview window when you are animating a file. Click Overview or View > Overview Window , stop the animation, then double-click a drawing view in the Overview window to display the view in the animation.

Drawing sheets show you the drawing and associated views. You cannot delete or change the drawing sheet. Layout sheets have the same properties as drawings sheets, plus they allow you to drag, move, or delete views.

Creating Layouts

You can create layouts using the Layouts tool.

This information is specific to one or more CAD systems. See the eDrawings Functionality Matrix for availability information.

To create a layout:

  1. In the graphics area, select a drawing view.
  2. Click Sheets > Layouts or View > Create Layout.
    The graphics area now shows only the selected view. Layout1 appears on the Sheets pane as the active layout.
  3. Add views by dragging and dropping them to the layout.

Creating Layouts of Entire Drawing Sheets

To create a layout of an entire drawing sheet:

  1. With the drawing sheet active, select a view in the graphics area. Make a note of the view name.
  2. Press Delete.
    A layout sheet containing all the views (except the view you deleted) opens in the graphics area.
  3. Select the view that you deleted on the Sheets pane, then drag it into the graphics area of the layout.
    The layout contains all the views.

Adding Views to Layouts

After you create a layout, you can add views.

To add views to layouts:

  1. On the Sheets pane, select a layout.
  2. Select views on other sheets.

    Each view is added to the layout.

You can also add views by:
  • Choosing from multiple drawing sheets in the Overview window. Right-click, select Sheets and select a sheet name.
  • Viewing drawings sheets in other open drawing files in the Overview window. Right-click, select Models and select a file name.

Adding Section and Detail Views

To add section and detail views:

  1. Create a layout and add a drawing view that contains a section line or detail circle.
  2. Select the section line or detail circle.
  3. Click in the graphics area to place the associated section or detail view.
    The associated section or detail view name highlights in the graphics area when you move the pointer over the section line or detail circle.

Deleting Views and Layouts

You can delete views from layouts or delete layout sheets.

You cannot delete a drawing sheet or views on a drawing sheet. If you try to delete an individual view on a drawing sheet, you create a new layout of the entire sheet minus the deleted view.

To delete views from layouts:

Do one of the following:
  • Select the view in the graphics area and press Delete.
  • Right-click the view under the layout on the Sheets pane and click Delete.

You can delete a layout on the Sheets pane even if it is not the active layout in the graphics area.

To delete layout sheets:

  • Select the layout name on the Sheets pane and press Delete.
  • Right-click the layout name on the Sheets pane and select Delete.