eDrawings for Macintosh

eDrawings® is supported on the Macintosh® operating system. You can open DXF/DWG, SOLIDWORKS, and eDrawings files.

The complimentary eDrawings software for the Mac® operating system (eDrawings for Mac) contains most of the functionality of the Windows version including animation, measure, and print.

Opening review-enabled files activates the eDrawings Professional tools (markup, move, cross-section, etc.) There is no eDrawings Professional for Mac.

Features Available on Macintosh Only

  • Enhanced Save As types for images: SGI image, Photoshop, PNG, MacPaint, TGA, and QuickTime.
  • Enhanced print dialog box options: Save as PDF, Fax.
  • Turn the display of model reflections on or off. In the Options dialog box, on the General tab, select or clear Display Reflections.

Unsupported Items on Macintosh

  • Simulation files tools. Simulation files can be viewed but no tools are available such as Mesh, Legend, etc.
  • Embeddable as a browser control.
  • Licensing (Professional version).
  • OLE images in native SOLIDWORKS and DXF/DWG files.
  • Overview tool.
  • Password setting.
  • Password-protected DWG files.
  • Performance logging.
  • Save as STL.
  • Save and Send as exe, HTML, or zip file.
  • Search in the Help.
  • Ability to turn off linking between display states and configurations.