Shell Mesh PropertyManager

The shell analysis procedure requires a shell mesh, which is appropriate for thin-walled parts with uniform thickness.

To create a shell mesh:

  • In the Study PropertyManager, select the Shell analysis procedure. In the PlasticsManager , right-click Shell Mesh , and click Create Mesh .
  • Click Create Mesh in the Plastics CommandManager.

Surface Mesh

Surface Mesh A proprietary algorithm sets the default surface mesh density based on the dimensions of the body corresponding to the cavity domain. Moving the slider bar to the right increases the mesh density, while moving the slider to the left reduces the mesh density. Each gradation on the slider changes the mesh size by a factor of approximately 2.
  Reset Resets the mesh density to the default size.
Estimated number of triangles Provides a crude estimate of the total number of surface mesh elements. The calculation assumes a uniform mesh distribution. The estimate of triangles is less accurate for the curvature-based refinement method.
  Uniform Applies a uniform mesh size to the model, irrespective of whether there are small local features that cannot be captured with that size. Minimizes the total number of elements created for a given geometry.
A mesh with fewer elements requires less computational time, but might not capture fine features. Results accuracy could be compromised in regions with finer features.
  Curvature-based Applies a curvature-based mesh that refines the mesh in regions of the model with small features. For example, you can set a refined mesh for small geometric features, such as injection locations, and a coarse mesh for other regions. Refining the mesh in critical regions improves the accuracy of results, but increases the computational time.
  Create Creates the surface mesh with the current settings, and displays the mesh in the graphics area. Click Create to view the mesh before exiting the Shell PropertyManager.

Create is activated when you modify the current mesh settings.

It is not mandatory to click Create for the software to create a mesh. If you click OK to exit the PropertyManager without clicking Create, the software automatically creates a shell mesh with the current settings.
  Edit/Review Displays detailed mesh information and diagnostics tools. You can use advanced meshing tools to inspect the quality of the surface mesh and repair invalid elements.
Advanced Mesh Control Specifies mesh refinement on selected geometry entities.
Faces, Edges, vertices, Components for Mesh Control Specifies geometry entities (faces, edges, vertices, or bodies) to apply to a local mesh size.
Mesh Size Specifies a mesh size to apply to the selected geometry entities.
You set the units in Settings and Help > Unit (Plastics CommandManager)
Mesh Tolerance Available for Curvature-based mesh. Enter a value between 0.1 and 1.0. The minimum allowable element size is the value of Mesh Size multiplied by the value of Mesh Tolerance.
  Gradation Applicable only to selected bodies. Controls how rapidly the mesh size changes from the local size to the default mesh size. Move the slider to the left for a smoother mesh size transition with more elements. Move the slider to the right to decrease the number of elements. Selecting Curvature-based creates a potentially finer mesh near regions of curvature or features such as injection locations.