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About Saving Drawings

You can save drawings for later use. Additionally, you can save and backup drawings automatically.

Save your drawings frequently to avoid losing your work in case of power loss, inappropriate system shut-down, or other technical event.

The default file extension for drawing files is .dwg. Additionally, you can also save a drawing to a Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf), as a Drawing Template File (.dwt), or in another format available in the file type drop-down list from the Save As dialog box.

You can change the default file format in the Options dialog box.

Every time you manually save a .dwg, the software automatically creates a backup file of the previous version of the drawing file. By default, the drawing backup file is saved in the same folder as the drawing (.dwg file) and has the same name as the drawing but with a .bak extension. To revert to the previous version, rename the .bak file with a different name and a .dwg file extension.

Commands for Saving Drawings

The following commands let you save your drawings. Choose the command suitable to what you want to accomplish.

  • Save. Use the Save command to save the drawing with the current file name or to a specified name if the drawing is unnamed.
  • SaveAs. Use the SaveAs command to save an unnamed drawing with a file name or to rename the current drawing.
  • SaveAll. Use the SaveAll command to save the drawing in the current window and all other open drawings.

Saving Your Drawings on Your Cloud Storage

You can save and open drawing files directly from your cloud storage account.

The commands for saving and opening drawing files to your cloud storage account are available on the Quick Access Toolbar and in the Application Menu.

To save and open drawing files directly from the Cloud Storage account, make sure the system file dialog box is disabled.

To enable direct acess to the drawings from your Cloud Storage accounts, do the following:

  • Add the Cloud Storage account to the Cloud Storages list
  • Make sure the classic file selection dialog box is disabled in the System Options (the Use file system file dialog option).

To add a Cloud Storage account:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Quick Access Toolbar, click New.
    • Click Application button > New.
    • Right-click a drawing file tab and select New.
  2. In the file selection dialog box, in Cloud storages, click Manage storages .

    The New browser window lists the available Cloud Storage services and the authorized accounts.

  3. Click Add new account next to the desired Cloud Storage.
  4. Sign in using your Cloud Storage credentials.
  5. If the application requests access to specific features, click Allow.
  6. In the Desktop application, in the file selection dialog box, click Refresh .

    The Cloud Storage account appears in the Coud Storages list.

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