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Editing and Formatting Dimension Text

Several dimensioning commands allow you to edit or format the Dimension text while creating Dimensions.

The ParallelDimension command is an example of such a command. After you either specify two defining points or identify an entity to be dimensioned, you are prompted to specify the dimension line location. This is when you can specify the Note, Text, or Angle option to edit the Dimension text before being prompted to specify the dimension line location again:

Options: Angle, Note, Text or
Specify dimension line position»

Dimension Text Editing Options


The Angle option changes the angle of the Dimension text.

You are prompted to specify the angle of the Dimension text. Type the rotation angle.

By using the entity snap functions, you can align the Dimension text to the entity that is measured.

For example, you can align the Dimension text of a parallel Dimension (which is usually created with a zero° angle) to the dimension line by snapping to its end points.


The Note option lets you change the Dimension text using the multiline text editor in the Edit Note dialog box.

You can change the Text or add Text. You can control codes and Unicode character strings to add special characters or symbols. The Special Characters list contains a number of these special characters (degrees, diameter, plus/minus, not equal, etc.)

You can also change the font, modify the typeface (bold, italic), or underline the Dimension.


The Text option lets you change the Dimension text.

To maintain the generated measurement in your text string, use angle brackets (<>) to represent it. For example, if you want to change the generated measurement "2.54" to "approx. 2.54", type "approx. <>" at the prompt to enter Dimension text.

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