Configure Component PropertyManager

The Configure Component PropertyManager is a user-defined PropertyManager for parts and assemblies that have more than one configuration. It enables you to select the configuration of a component when you place it in an assembly.

You define Configure Component PropertyManagers in the Configuration Publisher dialog box.

To open this PropertyManager:

In an assembly, insert a component that has a Configure Component PropertyManager defined.
You can change configurations after inserting a component. Right-click the component in the graphics area or FeatureManager design tree and click Configure Part/Assembly menu_ConfigurePartAssembly.gif.


Select the method for specifying which configuration of the component to insert into the assembly:

Parameters Presents drop-down lists where you select parameter values.
Configuration Name Presents a drop-down list where you select a configuration name.


Displays the component's configured parameters. Some fields are information only; others are drop-down lists where you select parameter values.