Snap Hook Groove PropertyManager

The Snap Hook Groove PropertyManager appears when you create a new snap hook groove fastening feature.

You must create a snap hook before creating a snap hook groove.

To open this PropertyManager:

Click Snap Hook Groove (Fastening Features toolbar) or Insert > Fastening Feature > Snap Hook Groove.

Feature and Body Selections

For all calculations, the snap hook remains fixed; the snap hook groove adjusts its size.
Select a Snap Hook  
Select a body Sets the location of the groove. The bottom of the hook automatically contacts the bottom of the groove.
A Offset height from snap hook
B Hook height
C Gap height
D Groove clearance
E Gap clearance
F Offset width from snap hook
For Offset width from snap hook, the groove matches any draft applied to the snap hook.


Manage a list of favorites that you can reuse in models.

Apply Defaults/No Favorites Resets to No Favorite Selected and the default settings.
Add or Update Favorite To update a favorite, edit the properties in the PropertyManager, select the name in Favorites, click , and enter a new or existing name.
Delete Favorite  
Save Favorite  
Load Favorite Click this option, browse to a folder, and select a favorite.