Fastening Features

Fastening features streamline creation of common features for plastic and sheet metal parts.

You can create:
Mounting bosses Create a variety of mounting bosses. Set the number of fins and choose a hole or a pin.
Snap hooks and snap hook grooves Customize the snap hook and snap hook groove. You must first create a snap hook before you can create a snap hook groove.
Vents Create a variety of vents using a sketch you create. Set the number of ribs and spars. Flow area is calculated automatically.
Lips and Grooves Align, mate, and hold together two plastic parts. Lip and groove features support multibodies and assemblies.
  You can create a lip and groove feature when the interface between the lip and groove contains multiple faces, for example, for a mouse hole or a gap in the parting line.

To create a fastening feature:

  1. Click a fastening feature tool (Fastening Features toolbar) or Insert > Fastening Feature, then select the type of fastening feature:
    Mounting Boss Vent (Create a vent sketch first.)
    Snap Hook Lip/Groove
    Snap Hook Groove (Create a snap hook first.)    
  2. Set the PropertyManager options, then click .