Xperts Overview

The SOLIDWORKS Xperts are tools that help novices use SOLIDWORKS like experts, without having to understand the details of the software. The Xperts take care of the details of software functionality. Using Xperts, you can focus on your design intent while the Xperts focus on what the software should do to achieve it.

Xperts can:

  • Understand, select, and apply the settings and combinations of functionality that work best in certain situations.
  • Manage complex interactions, such as those between features like fillets and drafts.
Xpert Tool Description
Performance Evaluation Performance Evaluation (formerly AssemblyXpert) analyzes performance of assemblies and suggests possible actions you can take to improve performance.
DimXpert for Drawings

DimXpert applies dimensions in drawings so that manufacturing features, such as patterns, slots, and pockets, are fully-defined.

DimXpert for Parts

DimXpert for Parts is a set of tools you use to apply dimensions and tolerances to parts according to the requirements of ASME Y14.41-2003 and ISO 16792:2006.

DraftXpert DraftXpert manages the creation and modification of neutral plane drafts.
FeatureXpert FeatureXpert manages the interaction between fillet and draft features when features fail.

FilletXpert manages, organizes, and reorders constant radius fillets.

MateXpert MateXpert identifies mating problems in assemblies.
SketchXpert SketchXpert resolves over-defined sketches and proposes possible solution sets.