Example: Emissive Appearances

From the Appearances folder, under Lights, you can represent low-level light emitters including:
  • LED (light emitting diodes)
  • Neon Tube
  • Backlit LCD
  • Area Light (light emitted from a region, such as studio light boxes)
If you want area lights to reflect off a floor, you must apply scenes with 2D texture floors: Factory Floor Factory_Floor.gif and Misty Blue Slate misty_blue_Slate.gif.
The brighter lights on the left are Neon; the lights on the right represent LEDs.
To apply emissive appearances, follow these suggestions:
  • Adjust the Brightness for Directional FM_light_Directional.gif, Spot , or Point light.
  • Add emissive entities to neutral, non-reflective areas (flat paints, non-shiny metals, etc.). Reflective appearances can diminish the effects of emissivity.
  • Surround the geometry to give the light source faces off which to reflect.
  • Apply lights to small entities.
  • View emissive entities from short distances.