Models with Multiple-Row Design Tables

For models with multiple configurations, the palette contains a control for each parameter in the design table. Parameters and values from the design table are automatically assigned to the controls.

You construct an interface by dragging controls from the palette on the left to the Edit pane in the center. For each control, you assign a name and define visibility relationships.

In the pane on the right, set the properties of each control as described below.


Name Labels the control.
Do not use spaces in the name and do not start the name with a number, a punctuation mark, or the letters xml.


Parent Defines whether the control appears based on the value selected for the parent control. Select None to make the current control always visible.

Not available for the first control.

Show Specifies if the current control appears for each value of the parent control.

= Shown

= Hidden

Click Hide All or Show All to select or clear all boxes.

Available when you select a parent.