Document Properties - Line Style

You can create custom line styles and apply them to edges. Available for drawings only.

You can use line styles in multiple drawings by saving and loading an *.sldlin file. Line length and spacing values are at a ratio of 5:1 in drawings.

To create, save, load, or delete line styles:

  1. Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options
  2. Execute procedures as described below, then click OK.
    Option Description
    To create a line style:
    1. In Line styles, select the closest matching style to the one you want to create.
    2. Click New.
    3. Type a Name for the line, then press Enter.
      Line style file names have the extension .sldlin.
      Line style names are not case sensitive.
    4. Under Line length and spacing values, clear the default text.
    5. Type the line definition based on the Formatting Key in the dialog box.
      The line style units are based on the units specified for the document.
    6. Click OK.
    To save a line style:
    1. Click Save.
    2. Select line styles and set options in the Save Line Style(s) dialog box, then click OK.
    To load a line style:
    You can load saved line styles to use in other drawings.
    1. Click Load.
    2. Browse to a line style file and set options in the Load Line Style(s) dialog box, then click OK.
    To delete a line style:
    1. Select an item in Line styles.
    2. Click Delete and click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Load Line Styles

Allows you to load previously-defined line styles from a file.

File Displays a list of files that contain line styles. Browse to a file that contains line styles (for example, system file <install_dir>\SOLIDWORKS\lang\<language>\Swlines.lin).
Name and Appearance Lists the line styles available in the selected file. Select an item and click OK to load the line style.

Save Line Styles

Allows you to save a line style to a file.

File Browse to a file (for example, system file <install_dir>\SOLIDWORKS\lang\<language>\Swlines.lin).
Save to the default user line style file Saves the line style to the folder specified in Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations. If no folder is specified, the file is saved in the current folder.
Name and Appearance Lists the line styles available to save. Select an item (or multiple items) and click OK to save the line style.