Overview of SOLIDWORKS Options

Options Dialog Box Structure

The following tabs are available:

System Options The system options are stored in the registry and are not part of the documents. Therefore, these changes affect all documents, current and future.
Document Properties The document properties apply only to the current document, and the Document Properties tab is available only when a document is open. New documents get their document settings (such as Units, Image Quality, and so on) from the document properties of the template used to create the document. Use the Document Properties tab when you set up document templates.

The options listed on each tab are displayed in tree format on the left side of the dialog box. As you click an item in the tree, the options for the item appear on the right side of the dialog box. The title bar displays the title of the tab and the title of the options page.

You can also search for specific options and settings. Enter a term in the Search box. Search results dynamically appear as you type. Click a search result to view the appropriate Options page. The option you searched for might not be available due to the type of model you have open or the current settings. Available search results are highlighted in the Options dialog box. Search results in drop-down menus do not highlight.