Creating Custom Color Swatches

You can create custom color swatches using the Appearances PropertyManager.

To create or populate swatches:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • To create a custom swatch, click Create New Swatch , enter a value for File name, and click Save.
    • To populate an existing swatch, select a swatch to populate with colors.
  2. Choose a method to define colors.
    • RGB. Defines colors with red, green, and blue values. Use the sliders or type numeric values for:

      Red Component of Color

      Green Component of Color

      Blue Component of Color

    • HSV. Defines colors with hue, saturation, and value entries. Use the sliders or type numeric values for:

      Hue Component of Color

      Saturation Component of Color

      Value Component of Color

  3. Choose a method to select colors.
    • Pick a Color. Move the pointer to select a color.

    • Component of Color . Enter a value in each of the boxes.
    • Slider . Use the slider below Component of Color.
    • Pick a Color from outside SOLIDWORKS. Click and drag to pick a color from external applications.
  4. Select a color and click to add the color to the swatch.
  5. Repeat 2 through 4 to add other colors.
  6. Click .
To remove colors from custom color swatches, select the color sample and click Remove Selected Swatch Color .