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About the Composer PMI Remover

The Composer PMI Remover is provided as a tool external to the Composer application. It provides you with a way to strip Composer files out of Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), which is often responsible for performance issues at loading time.

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Using the Composer PMI Remover

When .smg or .smgXml files take a long time to load in Composer, it may be because they contain a lot of Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).

Actually, PMI increase the size of Composer documents. The more PMI there is in a document, the larger the file size, and the slower the loading time in Composer. Removing PMI from .smg or .smgXml files reduces their size, and consequently reduces the time it takes to load these files in Composer.

The Composer PMI Remover removes PMI from .smg or .smgXml files you specify. It is a batch file located in the Tools\Composer_PMI_Remover folder of the Composer installation directory.

The gain in loading time directly depends on the amount of PMI removed by the tool. Therefore, there will be no gain if there is no or just a few PMI in your documents.

Note: This tool is provided as is without any warranty, as a sample of how Composer documents can be post-processed.

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