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Using the Composer PMI Remover

If you are facing performance-related issues when loading Composer files (.smg or .smgXml) containing large amounts of Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), you can use the Composer PMI Remover to remove this PMI from specified files. This may help reduce loading time.

Before you begin: The following must be installed on your computer:
  • Windows Script Host: lets you run scripts.
    Note: This is installed by default on Windows operating systems.
  • Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 3.0 or 6.0: allows some applications to build XML-based applications.
    Note: If Composer is installed on your computer, then MSXML should already be installed as part of the operating system prerequisites.
  • 7-zip: lets you unzip .smg files (.smgXml files do not require unzipping).
    Note: You can download 7-zip for free from http://www.7-zip.org. A 64-bit version is preferable.
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About the Composer PMI Remover
  1. Open a command prompt window, and go to the Tools\Composer_PMI_Remover folder located in the Composer installation directory.
  2. Run Composer_PMI_Remover "Path_to_Input_Folder" /o "Path_to_Output_Folder". All available arguments are described in the table below.

    "Path_to_Input_Folder"RequiredPath to the folder containing the Composer documents (.smg, .smgXml) to process.Composer_PMI_Remover "C:\My Documents\Composer Data With PMI"
    /o "Path_to_Output_Folder"Optional (but recommended)Path to the folder where the processed Composer documents (.smg, .smgXml) will be written. Already-existing files will be overwritten.
    Warning: By default, the output folder is set to the input folder, which means that input files will be overwritten if you do not specify this argument. We strongly recommend that you specify an output folder.
    Composer_PMI_Remover "C:\My Documents\Composer Data With PMI" /o "C:\My Documents\Composer Data Without PMI"
    /f levelFromOptionalLevel, in the product structure tree, starting from which PMI will be deleted. The root node is at level 0. PMI should normally be under the root node, so its level should be 1 or more.
    Note: By default, all PMI are taken into account, starting from the root node.
    Composer_PMI_Remover "C:\My Documents\Composer Data With PMI" /o "C:\My Documents\Composer Data Without PMI" /f 2
    /t levelToOptionalLevel, in the product structure tree, up to which PMI will be deleted.
    Note: By default, all PMI are taken into account, up to the last child node.
    Composer_PMI_Remover "C:\My Documents\Composer Data With PMI" /o "C:\My Documents\Composer Data Without PMI" /f 2 /t 5
    /7z "Path_to_7z.exe"

    - May be required for .smg files

    - Unnecessary for .smgXml files

    Path to 7z.exe (if required).
    Note: Specifying this argument is not necessary when 7z.exe has been properly installed on your computer (that is, in the majority of cases). If it has not been properly installed, then the Composer PMI Remover is unable to locate 7z.exe. In this case, only .smgXml files are processed and a message is displayed in the command prompt window to inform you that .smg files have been skipped. To process them, you must then specify this argument.
    Composer_PMI_Remover "C:\My Documents\SMG Data With PMI" /o "C:\My Documents\SMG Data Without PMI" /7z "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe

    When the operation is over, the command prompt window displays information regarding the file size reduction of your documents.

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