Build Issues

When you build an assembly, CircuitWorks reports any warnings or errors before actually building the model. Most warnings do not prevent CircuitWorks from building the assembly, but they give you a chance to make changes.

Possible build issues include:
  • Zero-thickness board or zero-height component. Manually edit board or component properties to specify a thickness or a height, or proceed to generate a 2D sketch of the board or component.
  • Large number of features or new components. A feature-count threshold has been exceeded. Adjust your filters or proceed to generate the model, which might take significant time.
  • All components are filtered out (for example, both On the TOP of the Board and On the BOTTOM of the Board component filter options are selected). Adjust your filters or proceed to generate a model containing no components.
  • Error in Board or Library file on line n. Click View to display the file. The offending line is highlighted.