Build Progress

CircuitWorks shows build progress in a pane at the bottom of the CircuitWorks application.

CircuitWorks performs the following when building an assembly:

  1. Builds and saves models for any components not already in the Component Library.
  2. Models outlines or keep-out models required in the assembly if you enable the option to build these items as component models rather than board features.
  3. Builds a model for the board.

    By default, CircuitWorks saves the part representing the board as boardname.SLDPRT in the Outlines folder, where boardname is the name of the board in the ECAD data file. The assembly is named boardname.SLDASM, but is not saved automatically. You can configure how CircuitWorks names models and where they are saved.

  4. Builds an assembly and insert all the outlines and components in the correct positions.

The SOLIDWORKS icon in the Windows task bar indicates the progress of the build with a green fill.

When processing completes:
  • SOLIDWORKS displays the finished model.
  • The CircuitWorks Progress pane shows Process Complete. You can review information and warnings by scrolling back through the messages. The icons next to each comment indicate the message type:
    Icon Message
    Created new component
    Filtered out component
    Created new SOLIDWORKS component or assembly
    Created new board
    Added nonplated holes
    Added plated holes
    Saved model
    Created new outline, keep-out, or region
    Process complete
To save the progress messages to a text file for easier review, right-click in the Progress pane and select Save to File.